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PART 1: THE TUTORIAL[edit | edit source]

Tuto1.jpg Pick your control style - WASD or Mouse
If you are coming from other MMOs, you are probably used to moving with WASD and controlling the camera with your mouse. If you want to continue doing so, press "ESC" and go to Key Settings. Select "Traditional 3D Mode".

Tuto2.png Get stronger in 3 clicks: Open your Meridian Channels

Press "K" to open your skill book, select the Meridians tab, and "activate" 3 channels of your choice. Each one grants a different stat boost so if you already know which Sect you want to join, take the 3 Meridian Channels that are suitable for you!

Tuto3.png Complete Quests with Autopath!
Once you accept a quest, it will show up on your quest log to the right of your interface. Clicking on a Hyperlink will automatically guide your character to the quest objective. If Autopathing fails, simply open up your Map ("M") and find the little brown circle with the number relating to the task in your Questlog and walk there on your own.

Tuto4.png Teleport
If you literally get stuck and can't move (or you walked to the other side of China for some reason), you can teleport back to your home city. Press "T" to open up the Foothold Interface. Select your first "Jianghu Foothold" and click on "Return Trip". You can do this once every 10 Minutes and also save more Footholds as you progress in the game.

PART 2: JOINING A SECT (SCHOOL)[edit | edit source]

Tuto5.png Pick your Sect (Class/School) - Are you good, evil or neutral?
Due to the Sandbox system, Sects in Age of Wulin are more complicated than class roles in most MMOs, we advise you to take a close look at our Sect overview here or check out our Sect Forum.

Tuto6.png Level Up! Progress by cultivating your Internal Skill
Press "K" to open your skill book, select the first tab and "Cultivate" the Internal Skill you received from your sect. Internal Skills are a big part of your character progression. In the beginning, focus on using all of your Cultivation Points for them. Do not cultivate "Meditate to Regulate the Breath", focus on your sect Internal Skill.


Tuto7.png Join a group and complete Challenges!
Press "N" to open up your event window, click on "Jianghu Faction". Scroll down: at the bottom are easier challenges for your level. If you follow your Storyline, you will be doing a challenge, with a NPC helping you to complete it. They are "mini instances", rewarding you with valuable items upon completion.

Tuto8.png Join a Guild - Unlock Guild Battles, Raids and more!
Find a Guild Administrator - Press "M" to open your Map, click on "Jianghu Struggles" at the bottom and locate an Administrator nearby. Talk to him, he will guide you through the process of joining a Guild.


Age of Wulin isn’t the typical MMO that you might think it is. You don’t reach a maximum level by rushing through the quest or storyline. If you have finished Chapter 1 you are probably way too weak to challenge the next chapter. Get used to the sandbox style of Age of Wulin, there’s plenty to do, your character has to become stronger and this does NOT happen by grinding quests.

Age of Wulin is a sandbox. The story never ends... Start exploring the numerous social activities and events:

Tuto9.png Be the best there ever was - Rankings in Age of Wulin
There is a ranking for everything. Do you have what it takes to be the world's best Assassin, or the number #1 Cook throughout the Jianghu? Click on "More" on the bottom right of your Interface, and select "Ranking" to find out!

Tuto7.png Sect Activities - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Sect
In order to receive your 2nd internal skill you will require School Honor Certificates. 70 of these certificates are rewarded for completing the weekly school spying quest. Get your stealth skills on and spy on the other schools - you will need these quest rewards!

Tuto8.png Guild Activities - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Guild
There are many guild activities to choose from - You can rob or protect escorts, participate in raids and burn down buildings from other guilds, or protect your own guild building from being attacked.

Tuto11.png Faction Challenges - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Jianghu Factions
We suggest doing challenges against Factions (check the “Factions”-Tab) as they are fun and competitive due to time limits. You can do 6 of these per day per instance. This number increases to a maximum of 8 times per day per instance, if you abort a challenge before finishing it.

Tuto11.png Instances - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Wulin Forbidden Area'
Instances are a great way of getting rare “Lightness Skills”. Who wouldn’t want to run up walls and on water? Check the Forbidden Area Tab in the Event window (N) and it will guide you to the recommended instance for your skill level. You can complete 7 instances a week.

Tuto12.png PvP - Challenge Arena - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Jianghu
You can set up your own PvP Arena anywhere in the world and determine the rules. Winning (and losing!) in these Arenas grants you a cultivation rate increase (10% and 5% respectively, can be stacked up to 5 times each). It’s worth it!

Tuto13.png Get your 2nd and 3rd skill set
You will receive 3 different skill sets from your sect. Once your sect Internal Skill reaches level 5, you will unlock a quest chain that can be started in your sect area, rewarding you with more Martial Arts abilities: your second set of skills. At Internal Skill level 10, you may receive your 3rd skill set.


Do Team Practice - EVERY DAY
Open your Cultivation Interface by clicking on the (Tmicon.png) Icon above your health. You will usually find people in the Chat searching for a group of 10 people for "TP". Join them! Team Practice works as a Minigame: once it is your turn, you are asked to enter a any combination of ←, ↑, ↓, →, J, and K. You can use WASD for arrow keys. It is easy, but requires your attention still!
Ideally, you want to join a Team Practice of 25 rounds and afterwards 10 rounds. This pushes your Fatigue to exactly 100%, which is your daily limit. Team Practice usually happens at sacred places, in order to benefit from the Feng Shui system for a 20% Cultivation Rate boost.

Team Practice gives you an incredible boost towards cultivating your skills, make sure you do it every day! You can do Team Practice with anybody, from any sect or guild.

PART 5: HELPFUL TIPS & TRICKS[edit | edit source]

How do I get better Weapons/Gear?

Age of Wulin is a very social game based on a sandbox. You pretty much do everything yourself, or interact with other players to get what you want. If you need a better weapon: become a blacksmith, or buy new gear from people who are advanced in the blacksmith profession. Be aware though, the skill system is the main factor that determines how powerful your character is, better gear helps you reach perfection, but it can never replace true martial arts training.


Moving your Interface

Not all parts of the interface are movable. However, there are a few things that you can move, it’s just a little tricky to find the “sweet spots”. Interfaces that “pop up”, for example the Map when pressing M, can easily be moved around by clicking on the top of the tab, just like moving windows in your operating system!

We have a little trick for the Quest Log though, just hold left click in the marked area (or any other transparent “in between” areas) to move your quest log around.

Finding Items on the Map

When on quests for Life Skill Professions, often you will be asked to collect items. To find these items, you can either click on the highlighted item name in the Quest Log to the right of your interface, or go to your map by clicking "M" on your keyboard. When on the map, find the button on the bottom of the window that says "Collections" and click it. This will bring up a list of items you can look for. Select which Life Skill Profession items you would like to find, and it will show icons on the map corresponding to the locations in the world. You can further roll over the icons and the map will tell you what each item is.

Community Manager Tips: Optimising your Interface and Gameplay[edit | edit source]

We advise you to take a very close look at the preferences you are able to adjust within the game. We do know that the interface is in some cases not pretty at all - and we are working on improving this. Here are a few tips that might ease your gameplay:

If you are running the game on low resolutions, the interface might appear too big. You can scale the interface size in the settings, 0.8-0.9 usually looks nice on resolutions lower than 1440x900.
Preferences > Others > Reduce/Enlarge Interface

Annoyed by the epic Martial-Arts cutscenes whenever you use a rage ability? You can turn that off!
Preferences > Fight > Advanced > Finishing Move Video Effect

If you acquire the Qinggong ability that allow you to move faster (Gliding, Sliding, Running), the screen gets blurry, visualising a feel of speed. You can turn this off if you don’t like it.
Preferences > Others > Dynamic Fuzzy Assessment

Change your Parry short-key from right mouse click to something easy to reach on your keyboard, for example “F”. This gives you more freedom during combat. If you do this, you should also enable the ability to block while you are out of combat, which is useful in an open world PvP world. .
Preferences > Fight > Advanced > Can parry in non-combat status

You can change the position of the camera behind your character. This is especially useful for screenshots, or videos, if you want to mind the rule of the third.
Preferences > Camera > Change the player’s position in the middle of the screen

Professions - What should I take?![edit | edit source]

There are currently 17 professions available, divided into 4 sub-categories:

Gathering: Woodcutter, Fisherman, Hunter, Miner and Farmer (Multi-options))
Manufacture: Tailor, Blacksmith, Pharmacist, Craftsman, Poison Maker and Cook (single option)
Culture: Painter, Musician, Chess Player, and, Scholar (single option)
Marketplace: Diviner and Beggar (multi-options)
The divination profession is limited to [VIP players] only. For starters we suggest becoming a cook, as [your character becomes hungry] and at some point will lose HP quickly. Alternatively, Herbalist is another profession that requires low budget and allows you to provide for yourself without depending on others too much. Other professions, like the Blacksmith, will only shine with a higher skill level at a later point in the game.

Unlearn a profession
If you don’t want to continue one of your learned professions, you can quit said profession with a simple click on “Button(name to be added)”. Be aware that you will loose all experience previously gained in that profession.

Loosing health periodically[edit | edit source]

When your character is hungry, you will receive a debuff (visible on the top right of your interface) indicating that you should get some food. Watch out for food that recovers “Satiety”. Once you start the game, you will receive a few Steamed Breads which will be helpful for your early adventure. Soon you have to think about getting more food from players who have learned the Cooking profession. Alternatively, become a cook yourself!