Black-hearted Kidnapper

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Event Requirements[edit | edit source]

Kidnappingicon.JPG Every days, whenever you like you can kidnap offline players. If you want some extra money, in the late afternoon go should go to Chengdu and go find the black-hearted human trafficker to sell your prey to him.

To kidnap a player here are the rules:
1. The player should be out of the novice protection stage.
2. You need an overpowering drug to drug your prey. You can buy it in the grocery store.
3. You can only use your overpowering drug on offline players.
4. The government will recognise you once you begin trafficking in people. If you're catch by a guard you will be not able to sell your prey.

Event Guideline[edit | edit source]

1. After buying the overpowering drug, you can apply it directly to offline players.
2. After being put to sleep, the offline player will be packed into a gunny sack automatically.
3. Pick up the sack on the ground and sell it to some NPCs. The NPCs will pay the corresponding silver according to the strength of the one kidnapped.
4. Different NPCs have rules for accepting people. They will only accept a kidnapped player who meets those conditions.

How to fail?
The kidnapping fails if you release your captives or you are killed.

How to win?
Kidnap offline players and sell them to a specific NPC.

Event Rewards[edit | edit source]

1. Silver Coins (fixed)
2. Silver (offline time of a kidnapped player)

Some schools forbid to kidnap people. If you kidnap a player even if it's forbidden by your school your will be granted with slaughter points.