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EXPERIENCE[edit | edit source]

While playing the game you will gather experience points for your character. Experience is gained through all kinds of activities, for example completing quests. One Experience Point will transform into 1000 Cultivation Points.

Experience -> Cultivation The experience you gather converts into cultivation points. You can boost the speed of conversion from Experience to Cultivation with items such as Jackdaw Herb, which are rewarded for school quests or completing instances. Other than that, the conversion runs automatically with time.

Cultivation -> Skill Levels! Finally, cultivation points are converted into skill experience.
You level up your skills by using up your cultivation points - either using “Internal Cultivation” (passive), “Practice Martial Arts” (using currency) or “Team Practice” (active training, most efficient with 10 players training together.

QI Qi is used to develop skills in the Meridian System.

FENG SHUI - UP TO 20% FASTER CULTIVATION[edit | edit source]

Training in certain environments in the game actually makes a difference in Age of Wulin.
In the game world there are six types of ideal environments in a system which is structured around the yin/yang, softness/hardness characteristics of martial arts.

Feng Shui
Tai Chi
Hill +10% +10% +10% +10% +20% - -
Water - +10% +10% - - +20% -
Cave +20% - +20% - +10% +10% +10%
Forrest +10% - - +10% - - +20%
Snow - +20% - +20% +10% +10% +10%
City -8% -8% -8% -8% -8% -8% -8%

EXPERIENCE CONVERSION[edit | edit source]

In Age of Wulin, you don’t get experience by fighting yourself through hordes of monsters. In fact, you won’t get anything for grinding by killing monsters, apart from eventually useful loot.

Age of Wulin is not a monster grinding game, you receive experience by doing almost anything apart from grinding. Fighting as such wields experience, so does doing parkour around the city, questing, crafting, completing instances, spying other schools, even dying - and so much more.

Discover the possibilities, while we will explain you how to maximize the conversion from experience to Cultivation Points, which you use to make your Kung Fu skills more powerful.


INTERNAL CULTIVATION[edit | edit source]

When active, your cultivation points are slowly transferred to your chosen skill, which in the beginning should always be your Sect Internal Skill. This is an automated process, all you have to do is activate it.

PRACTICE MARTIAL ARTS[edit | edit source]

Instead of the Internal Cultivation, where you are waiting for cultivation points to transfer slowly into your skill, you may spend in-game currency to push a certain amount of Cultivation Points instantly into the skill.
There's a daily limit of bound silver you can spend doing this, make sure you make use of it every day.

TEAM PRACTICE[edit | edit source]

Team Practice is a group activity to push cultivation points into your skill. It can be done in groups of 25 people and is split up in turns.
Once it is your turn, you will be asked to type in a combination of letters and direction keys in a certain amount of time. If you succeed, cultivation points are pushed into your skill.

Team Practice is limited by Fatigue. Once you reach 100% Fatigue, you reached your daily limit.