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Chess players need to play chess with a NPC to know how to manoeuvre in a chess game. The more chess manuals you learn, the better your understanding. If you learn all of them, you'll become proficient in tactics. A chess player is especially suitable for being a team captain to activate an array.

Players learn this profession by purchasing it from a Chess Player Life Skill Master. Upon learning the skill, a player will receive the title Hesitation in Moving and can perform the Chess Player's Daily Task. To use this life skill, players must have a chess board in their inventory.

A Chess Player can augment an Array by applying any known Tactics, which may grant additional attack or defences bonuses to players in the team, or apply detriments to enemies within range. Tactics are learned by reading Chess Manuals - each tactic can be taught by any one of three manuals, and if a player reads all three pertaining to a specific tactic, it is considered "mastered" and its bonus is increased.

Experience in the Chess Player life skill is gained in the following ways:

  • By solving specific traditional teaching scenarios in games against Chess Player NPCs. Each chess manual lists a number of NPCs who know the technique and their locations; winning such games grants an amount of experience and some chess ranking points depending on which scenario is played. If the player has previously read the relevant chess manual, before the game they will be able to view a "Demonstration" which shows the correct placement of the player's pieces in the scenario; otherwise, the player must solve it by trial and error, with each scenario only permitting a certain number of mistakes.
  • Performing daily tasks set by the Chess Child, the disciple of the Chess Life Master. Such tasks usually involve winning a number of scenario games against NPCs.
  • Playing full games of chess against other players.

Daily Task iconDaily Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Hesitation in Moving
    • Win 1 chess game

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume I (150 Life Skill Experience)

  • Holding Black and White
    • Win 2 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume II (180 Life Skill Experience)

  • Decisive Decision-making
    • Win 3 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume III (xx Life Skill Experience)

  • Taking Chess Pieces like Scything Flax
    • Win 4 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume IV (xx Life Skill Experience)

  • No Enemy in Chess
    • Win 5 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume V (xx Life Skill Experience)

  • Black and White at Heart
    • Win 6 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume VI (xx Life Skill Experience)

  • Unhindered in Chess
    • Win 7 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume VII (600 Life Skill Experience)

  • Chess Pieces Scattered Like Stars
    • Win 8 chess games

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume VIII (750 Life Skill Experience)

  • Matchless Elite
    • Win 8 chess games (tbc)

Reward: Chess Player's Records Volume IX - tbc (xx Life Skill Experience) - tbc

  • Epic Chess Player
    • Win xx chess games (tbc)

Reward: tbc

Chess Scenarios[edit | edit source]

Until we will have them all on their pages, check solutions to in game scenarios: here

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