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Craftsman icon

A craftsman is intelligent. No matter if it's a stone or a gem, he can carve it into an exquisite ornament. Meanwhile, ornaments that have been carved by craftsmen can add additional effects to moves.

Craftsman is a manufacturing type Life Skill profession that allows the players to:

  • Create jewelery, handles and hasps

Learning Craftsmanship[edit | edit source]

Players can learn this profession by purchasing it from a Craftsman Life Skill Master NPC. The price will depend on what other life skills have been previously learnt.

Craftsman Life Skill Masters can be found in any town or city. To make them appear on the map, players can open their map (M), click "Life Master" at the bottom and click Map Icon Craftsman NPC.pngCraftsman.

Complementary Professions[edit | edit source]

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other.

Craftsmen are advised to pick up the following gathering professions:

  • Woodcutting: to gather wood to make into various objects
  • Mining: to gather gems to make into jewelery

Craftsmen also require some ingredients from other manufacturing professions. Having or making friends with the following professions would be helpful:

  • Tailors who make cloth that Craftsmen need

Lastly, Craftsmen are also useful to some other professions:

  • Blacksmiths need Craftsmen for the handles they make
  • Tailors need Craftsmen for their lace and hasps

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