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Wcoins, Gold, Silver, Silver Coins[edit | edit source]

Alright, this might be a little confusing. Age of Wulin offers four different currencies, if we count in 'Wcoins'.

Wcoins This is the premium currency which can be purchased with real money on our Webzen portal. Wcoins can be used in any of our games here at Webzen.

Goldlogo.png Gold Age of Wulin offers a few premium features which can be purchased with Gold, such as the VIP status or items from 'Rare Goods Mall' - fashion outfits, mounts or collection scripts.
Gold is the equivalent to Wcoins.
Unfortunately, direct purchases with Wcoins are not possible in Age of Wulin. You will have to convert your Wcoins into Gold.
Gold can be converted to Silver at a rate of 1 Gold per 10 Liang Silver through the 'Exchanging gold for silver' interface which can be opened from the bottom right area of their backpack.

Silverlogo.png Silver This is the main currency in Age of Wulin used to trade with other players, speed up your skill cultivation and more! The whole game economy will be based on Silver, as it is the only currency that is tradable.

Silvercoinslogo.png Silver Coins These are used for very basic purchases, for example buying beginner equipment and other items from NPCs s, paying stagecoach or boat fees, item repair fees at NPCs, and so on. Silver Coins are bound to your character and rewarded for many different activities, such as completing quests. There is a 360 Liang daily spending limit for Silver Coins. Once this limit has been reached, the player has the option to use Silver instead

Denominations[edit | edit source]

Both Silver and Silver Coins come in 3 different units: Wen, Liang, and Ding. The Wen is the smallest unit. One thousand Wen makes a Liang. One thousand Liang makes a Ding.

Carry limits[edit | edit source]

  • Non Jianghu VIPs--8 Ding of Silver Coins, 30 Ding of Silver.
  • Jianghu VIPs--10 Ding of Silver Coins, 1000 Ding of Silver

Joint Deduction[edit | edit source]

When Joint Deduction is enabled, it is possible to spend Silver instead of Silver Coins when the player does not have enough Silver Coins or their use is restricted. To enable this, players must activate Joint Deduction function on the bottom left area of their backpack interface.

Earning Silver without spending real money[edit | edit source]

Silver is the main currency that drives the economy in Age of Wulin. The fact that you can convert Gold (real money) in order to receive Silver doesn’t mean you have to actually spend real money. Here are several ways of farming Silver for your character:

You can...

  • Become a constable and hunt criminals
  • Buy poison from NPCs and use it on offline players to kidnap and sell them
  • Sell resources from gathering professions
  • Sell crafts from manufacturing profession
  • Become a Calligrapher or Painter and offer your profession services
  • Offer Divination and Begging services
  • Sell rewards from spying missions
  • Sell rewards from script stealing
  • Complete Challenges and Instances (Forbidden Areas) for loots to sell
  • Find treasures throughout the Jianghu
  • VIPs can receive Silver while working offline, given an appropriate job is assigned to them

Ming Dynasty Trade Hall (Auction House)[edit | edit source]

Auction Houses play an important role in other MMORPGs. While the system itself is fairly common, there’s a slight change in the way it works in Age of Wulin, where it is called a Trade Hall.

In Age of Wulin, players set up market stalls to sell their goods. You can either go into town, locate a stall and click it to see its goods (maybe buy from or sell to it), or simply use the Trade Hall, which is an interface that basically scans all stalls in the scene (map/area) your character is currently in. There is no global Trade Hall.


Goodslogo.png Stall functions Open the Stall interface by clicking on the icon on the lower right corner, or pressing (default) "P" on your keyboard.

This will open up the 'Online Stall Operation' interface, in which you can:

  • place your items and determine the price you want to sell them for. These items will be displayed in the current town's Trade Hall as well
  • put an offer to buy items from players
  • set a crafting profession or divinator service.

Players can also leave you a message, which you can later on check in the very same interface, along with a history of items that have been bought.

AHlogo.png Scan for items / Buy & sell goods The current town Trade Hall can be opened up by clicking on the icon on the lower right corner, or pressing (default) "V" on your keyboard.

The Trade Hall works like any other auction house, but only scans for items in the area your character is currently in.
If you want to find the cheapest price, you have to travel to different cities! Please note that the search feature currently only works with case sensitive search queries.