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A divinator is good at divination. The mysterious force of divination is critical to a martial artist. Divination can convert experience into cultivation quickly and can even predict your enemies' location. You will have a good harvest if you divine daily.

Divinator is a marketplace type life skill that allows the players to provide cultivation bonuses (Fortune) and tracking (Future).Players learn this profession by purchasing it from a Divinator Life Sill Master NPC. The price will depend on what other marketplace skills are already learned. Upon learning the skill, a player will receive the title first Divinator identity title here and can perform the Divinator's Daily Task. To use this life skill, players must have a ? some item ? in their backpack. It can be learned at the same time as Beggar, the other market skill.

Fortune[edit | edit source]

Divination randomly chooses a cultivation bonus from those available to its performer, the lowest being a 10% increase (the lowest bonus currently claims to be 450%, which is not correct). If a poor bonus is selected, a fee can be paid to reroll.

A system fee payable in Silver Coins and Silver is deducted for using the service, regardless of any charges by the divinator, which raises with skill to a maximum of 132 Silver or 76 Silver Coins for a rank 8 bonus. (? Liang ?)

Future[edit | edit source]

Players with this Life Skill can type in the name of a blood enemy and they will be able to track where that enemy is.

(More information needed about this.)

Marriage[edit | edit source]

Needing more detail here - probably marriage is not released yet.

Cultivation Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Here would be good a table with skill's level, tax in silver and silver coins, and bonus range.

Life Skills
Gathering MinerHunterFarmerWoodcutterFisherman

Manufacturing TailorCookPoison MasterCraftsmanBlacksmithHerbalist

Cultural MusicianChess PlayerPainterScholar

Marketplace DivinatorBeggar