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Story[edit | edit source]

The founder of the Emei Sect was a Taoist nun who had formerly been a Shaolin disciple. The sect was established on Mount Emei and all of its disciples are female.

Emei is named after the beautiful mountain it’s located on; a mountain regarded as one of the most majestic in all of China. It is one the four famous "Buddhist mountains".

Emei Sect is an all-female sect, whose disciples are compassionate, brave and just. The sect is celebrated for its martial arts; with Shaolin and Wudang, it is one of the three great sects in the Jianghu.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Twin-Spears (daggers) are most commonly used by Emei disciples; they are weapons designed for use with two hands. They are highly regarded by the women of the sect on account of their light weight and agility.
The combat moves for double-spear are as elegant and intricate as dance. They are also known to use smaller, more discrete weapons which are unique to Emei.

Sect Position[edit | edit source]

Emei is very powerful in the south-west region of China and is one of the three giants among the Wulin in the Central Plain.
Emei is a Righteous Sect.
This Sect accept women only.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Combat Routines[edit | edit source]

EmeiSkillset1.jpg EmeiSkillset2.jpg EmeiSkillset3.jpg

Internal Skills[edit | edit source]

1st Internal:

2nd Internal:

3rd Internal:

Sect Rules[edit | edit source]

Each sect has its own rules and regulations which, if broken, award the transgressor points to their “Statutes Value” (SV). Once the Statutes Value exceeds 100, a character will be punished the moment they return to their Sect's scene.

Upon returning to the Sect with a Statutes Value of more than 100 points, the character is teleported directly to the sect base for punishment. A short clip of their punishment is shown and the deed is recorded in the Sect Information log. The punishment halves Life (HP) and attaches a debuff to the character for a length of time determined by their Statutes Value. If the SV is between 100 and 200 points, the punishment debuff reduces attack power by 20%; for SVs over 200, the reduction is 30%.

The following acts are forbidden for members of the Emei sect:

Being dressed incorrectly 10 points
Killing Excessively (Kill Value > 1999) 20 points
Kidnapping 10 points
Raiding escort carriages 20 points
Breaking into prison 30 points
Killing other Emei 40 points

Emei disciples can avoid punishment by returning to the Sect before the SV exceeds 100 and repenting at the Five Precepts Stele at coordinates 89, 358. 10 points of SV are removed for every 10 minutes of repentance.

Rank[edit | edit source]

You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.
You will be able to challenge NPCs from your school which hold a higher rank. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit which is paired with your new rank.

Sect Outfits[edit | edit source]

As they grow in strength and rank, players will be rewarded with sect outfits which are only available to Emei members.

Emei Outfits.jpg

Good Beggars' SectEmeiShaolinWudang

Neutral Scholar's AcademyTang Clan

Evil Blissful ValleyRoyal Guards