Escort-Robbing by Secret Post Guard

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Robbingicon.JPG Every day, whenever you want.

Event Requirements[edit | edit source]

Players have moved up from the novice protection.

Event Guideline[edit | edit source]

1. When you find an escort cart, you can click on it and become a robber.
2. When the secret post guard finds an escort cart, he will send an escort-robbing request to some players. Accept it and go to rob the escort.
3. The summoned players have 10 minutes to rob the escort. Destroy the escort cart within that period to succeed.
4. Goods will fall when the escort cart is destroyed. You can exchange them for rewards.
5. If the escort cart is delivering sect capital, money bags will fall and robbers can increase their sect capital.
6. The robber "BUFF" lasts for 10 minutes and will be reset if you attack the escort.

Event Rewards[edit | edit source]

The summoned players can get some goods to exchange for rewards whether they succeed or fail.
Note: The goods are limited to take your chance.