Guild Guard

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Your castle is burning? Do not panic! You can do something!

Guildguardicon.JPG Event Requirements
Every day, whenever you want.
1. You need to buy buckets at the sect patrol guard leader NPC.
2. You need to join a guild that has territory. You can defend the guild all day long. If you join a raid, you can only save the buildings within the event time.
3. The defense is full-time. Imperial court defense is at 23h-24h every Saturday.

Event Rules
1. You need to put out the fire in the guild buildings set by other players.
2. The defense fails when the time limit is reached.
4. Guild player can repair the building by using the house number NPC.
5. The process of the Imperial Court defense is the same as that of guild defense except for the special rewards.

Event Reward
Guard certificate (available for exchange)