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Always dreamed to attack your enemy guild and destroy their castle by burning their buildings? This event is for you!

Guildraidicon.JPG Event Requirements
Every day, whenever you want.
1. You need to buy torches from the raid administrator.
2. You need to join a guild. When the guild Leader designates a raid target, you can attack all day long but can only damage the buildings within the event time.
3. The buildings' durability will be deducted during guild raids from 18h-19h and Imperial Court raids from 23h-24h on Saturday.

Event Rules
1. After undertaking the raid mission, set fire to the target buildings of the target guild. The raid succeeds once the arson times out.
2. If the defenders put out the fire with buckets of water. The arson attempt fails. 3. If you succeed in setting fire to a building, its durability will decrease. When its durability is under 60%, it is damaged and can't be used; if under 30%, the building will be destroyed and the burning time will decrease by 20% in the guild war.
4. Guild player can repair the building by using the house number NPC.
5. For Imperial Court raids, Guild Leader vote to choose a raid target every week. Thus target guild will suffer double durability damage. It will lose 2 territory occupancy points every time a building is destroyed. (Each building will not cause repeated loss of occupancy points). 6. The guilds owing territory have the right to vote twice (can't vote separately). Those having no territory can vote once.
7. The remaining process of the Imperial Court raid is the same as that of guild raids except that the Imperial Court raid offers special rewards.

Event Rewards
Raid certificate (available for exchange)

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