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Setting up a Guild for the First Time[edit | edit source]

The Jianghu is an extremely dangerous place, a place where rivals plot and scheme against one another. Guilds play a decisive role on the great stage of the Jianghu.
Since there are so many forces in the Jianghu, why shouldn’t you also establish your own guild, your own power? Perhaps one day you may be on an equal footing with the big factions of the Jianghu.

But how do we go about setting up a guild? What requirements and restrictions are there?

  1. Firstly, you must join a sect and dispense with novice protection: you are then qualified to form a guild.
  2. Secondly, you must find the official guild administrator in each main city (Chengdu, Suzhou, Luoyang, Jinling).
  3. Next, talk with the administrator, selecting “Establish Sect”; in the pop-up dialogue box, enter a suitable name and click to confirm.
  4. 300 Taels are required to establish a guild, 200 of which will be converted into guild funds.
  5. Should an unofficial guild be set-up, it must contain four people to become official; should the appropriate number of people not be found within 3 days, the guild will be forcibly disbanded.
  6. Players responding (to your request), must also have previously joined a sect and dispensed with novice protection.

Age of Wulin’s guild system endeavours to offer players a genuine wuxia experience. Here, you may, in your interactions with your comrades, share feelings and experience; you can find friends you can depend on in tasksand expeditions.
You will be surprised by the guild system’s features and new innovations: the seamless connection of guild territories; the complete buildings of all kinds and the rich variety of guild wars.

Finding a Guild[edit | edit source]

A special interface is available to help you find a guild. If you talk to a guild administrator NPC you can see all existing guilds in Age of Wulin alongside their level and rank on the server you are connected to.
Each guild can specify if they are looking for members from a specific school. Then you can apply to join a guild as long as you meet the minimum requirements set by the guild for admission.


Of course you can still create your own guild, there is no rank or power required. You must have a minimum of 4 members; otherwise your guild will be deleted after few days.

Guild Naming Rules[edit | edit source]

Minimum of characters is 3.
Maximum of characters is 16.
Special characters are not allowed (Example: _,[]?)
Only the following special character is allowed "-"
The special character "-" is not allowed at the beginning of the guild name.
The special character "-" is not allowed at the end of the guild name.
The special character "-" is not allowed consecutively in the guild name.
Numbers are not allowed
Special letters are accepted (Example: é è à)
First letter of the guild name can be a small letter or a capital letter, both are allowed.
The full guild name with capitalized letters is allowed.