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The Meridian System is another method of cultivation and growing in Age of Wulin, linked with the Internal Skills system.

It is based upon Ancient Chinese beliefs of the flowing of Qi through the body, which are directly related to modern day acupuncture. Activating and cultivating these Meridian Channels allow the players to boost character's attributes even more than Internal and Combat Skills' cultivation. Mastering more Meridians can not only boost abilities, but also change the way players set up skills altogether.

Because of the added bonuses that players can gain from the cultivation of Meridians, they can prove to be a mighty advantage in a battle with someone of slightly stronger basic skills.

Through this system, more players would be encouraged to participate in the Sect Book Seizing event, as it would allow them to have a chance to gain access to another Sect's Internal Skills. By having that access, the players are able to train another Meridian to gain extra attributes' boosts that are not available through their own Sect's Meridian.

However, to benefit from the Meridian System, players have to meet certain level requirements of the Meridian's related Internal Skill.

Meridians hold some great power, but take a lot of practice to harness it. Fighting and focus on one's skills can lead on the path to an even more powerful and faster Martial Arts Master.

Meridians; activating and cultivating them[edit | edit source]

There are nine Meridians in total (divided into two categories); each one has its own different acupoints:

It is recommended to cultivate character's Sect corresponding Meridian up to maximum level before training up any others as this will grant the best immediate benefit for the most needed attribute.

Initially, players can have a maximum of three simultaneously active Meridians and later, after completing a quest from their Sect Leader NPC, one more (total being four). An active Meridian will be marked with a 'tick' by its name. Players can choose to close (deactivate) any Meridian and reactivate it at any time (just like it is done with Internal Skills). Switching between active Meridians might be useful according to different situations such as PvP or PvE, opponent's Sect, etc.

Only one Meridian can be cultivated at any given time.

Acupoints and Circles (Levelling up Meridians)[edit | edit source]

Currently, only the first 3 acupoints of Sect-related Meridians and the 1st acupoint of the 'Qi Gathering in Elixir Field' Meridian are available.

Initially, any Meridian can be leveled up to its 9th Circle (Meridian level) by infusing Qi into it. To further cultivate it, the players have to unlock/open up its first acupoint.

This is automatically done when reaching a certain level of the particular Internal Skill related to that Meridian:

  • Qi Gathering in Elixir Field's first acupoint is unlocked when the Sitting and Forgetting Skill (Jianghu Internal Skill) reaches level 20
  • Sect-related Meridians open up their different acupoints as players learn more tiers of Internal Skills from that Sect:
    • first acupoint is unlocked when Sect's Tier 1 Internal Skill reaches level 25; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 36th Circle
    • second acupoint is unlocked when Sect's Tier 2 Internal Skill reaches level 20; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 72nd Circle
    • third acupoint is unlocked when Sect's Tier 3 Internal Skill reaches level 20; after opening it, a player will be able to cultivate that Meridian up to its 108th Circle

Since players can learn the Internal Skills of different Sects, they will be able to unlock any Meridian's acupoints overtime.

Qi (Meridians' energy)[edit | edit source]

In this system, Qi (sometimes spelled Chi) is the required component to cultivate a Meridian (Qi acts as the 'Experience').

There is a daily cap ('Maximum Qi Today') for the amount of Qi the player gets, which depends on his/her internal skill level. The higher level it is, the more Qi a player can hold daily. After reaching the cap, players can no longer gain Qi for that day. If a player doesn't manage to reach the daily cap, the leftover Qi cap will be accumulated and shown as the 'Maximum Accumulated Qi'.

Players under VIP status gain about 5 times more Qi than non-VIP players.

The ways to gain Qi are somehow similar to gaining Experience, and are:

  • all activities that give Experience gives Qi as well (if the Experience is at the cap of 999, the player will not gain any Qi from these activities)
  • learning Life Skills and performing Life Skills activities, turning in Life skill daily missions, reading Life skill books/Letters also gives Qi
  • dealing damage to players and mobs with combat skills; the amount of Qi gained is related to damage dealt, the target the player is hitting and the type of skill in use (single-target locking skills tend to give more Qi than AOE non-targeting skills). The Qi reaped from exterminating mobs is minimal.
  • Xuanling Pills - maximum 10000 Qi each (can not surpass 'Maximum Qi Today' value)

Martial Arts Skills (Skill Combos)[edit | edit source]

As a Meridian becomes more cultivated and more acupoints opened through Internal Skill cultivations, a player will collect Martial Arts Skill Points (combo points).

First acupoint's unlocking gives no skill point; the opening up of each subsequent one along the Meridian gives 1 skill point. These points are used in the Martial Arts Skill Points section within the 'Meridians info' interface and will allow players more customizing options between actions.

Martial Arts Skill Points can be spent to unlock ('buy') slots in the Martial Arts Skill Bar and learn 'Martial Arts Skills' (actually - some combo chains). There are 8 slots available in total. Their Martial Arts Skill Point requirements are:

  • Slot 1 - 1 Point
  • Slot 2 - 2 Points
  • Slot 3 - 4 Points
  • Slot 4 - 8 Points
  • Slot 5 - 16 Points
  • Slot 6 - 32 Points
  • Slot 7 - 64 Points
  • Slot 8 - 128 Points

In the 'Martial Arts Skill' selection area, each icon corresponds to a combo chain, i.e. a combination of 2 skills belonging to one of the three Sect Skill Sets. Players can reset their 'Martial Arts Skill' selection anytime, by spending 100 Liang Silver, resetting also reduces the daily limit.

By learning a 'Martial Arts Skill', the shared cooldown time of 1.5 seconds between the specified 2 skills will be removed, meaning that, after casting the first skill, the player is immediately able to cast the second one - without waiting for 1.5 seconds.

For example, the 'Martial Arts Skill' for Whirling-Flower Sword style of Scholar's Academy is Hero's Tears followed by Flying Swallow Returns. This combo chain's content and its skills' casting order (it will be skill no. 1 before skill no. 2, not the other way round) are fixed and cannot be chosen by the player.

Benefits of cultivating Meridians[edit | edit source]

Cultivating different Meridians gives different attributes boosts like addition of Life (HP), Strength, or an increase of maximum Internal Power (MP).

All four Meridians that can be activated at a time will contribute to character's attributes enhancement.

Qi Gathering in Elixir Field Meridian will boost 5 attributes while each Sect-related Meridian will do this for 6 different ones. The summary of attributes boosted can be seen in the table below. It is to be noted that this only applies if the corresponding Meridian is active (has a 'tick' by its name).

Attributes Boosted due to Meridians
ATTRIBUTE Qi Gathering in Elixir Field Foot Yangming Stomach Channel (Shaolin) Foot Shaoyin Kidney Channel (Wudang) Hand Taiyin Lung Channel (Emei) Hand Taiyang Small Intestine Channel (Beggars' Sect) Foot Jueyin Liver Channel (Scholar's Academy) Foot Taiyin Spleen Channel (Tang Clan) Foot Shaoyang Gallbladder Channel (Royal Guards) Three Jiao Channels of Hand Shaoyang (Blissfull Valley)
Life (HP) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internal Power (MP) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Life (HP) Restore Speed Yes Yes
Internal Power (MP) Restore Speed Yes
Ignore Internal Skill Defence Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ignore Internal Skill Neutralisation Yes
Ignore External Skill Defence Yes
Internal Skill Defence Yes
Internal Skill Neutralisation
External Skill Defence
Parry Endurance Yes
Parry Restore Speed
Blocking Force Yes Yes Yes
Strength Yes
Internal Breathing Yes
Vigorous Qi Yes
Stamina Yes
Body Method Yes
Yang Defence Yes
Soft Defence Yes
Hard Defence Yes
Yin Defence Yes
Internal Skill Hit Yes Yes Yes
Internal Skill Critical Hit Yes Yes Yes
External Skill Hit Rate Yes Yes Yes
External Skill Critical Hit Yes Yes Yes
Dodge Yes Yes

And there is more: training any Sect-related Meridian up to its 36th Circle will grant an additional effect!

Additional Effects
Shaolin Reduced Critical Damage received
Wudang Increased Internal Skill Neutralisation
Emei Increased Internal Power Restore Speed (%)
Beggars' Sect Reduced Critical Damage received (%)
Scholar's Academy Ignore Internal Skill Neutralisation
Tang Clan Increased External Skill Critical Damage (%)
Royal Guards Increased HP Restore Speed
Blissfull Valley Increased Internal Skill Critical Damage (%)

Meridians interface[edit | edit source]

Meridian section of the Martial Arts Skill Book has three parts:

  • the left side
    • Meridians grouped in categories
    • selected Meridian's acupoints
  • the central one will display data about the Meridian selected in the left side, such as:
    • its name
    • its icon (with detailed description when mouseover)
    • its current reached and reachable Circle
    • Rare Treasure icon - rare herbs which can be used to improve Meridians' cultivation
    • toggle button to Activate/Close Meridian
    • graphical representation of the Meridian, its human body location and its acupoints
    • its selected (in the left side) acupoint - as a light blue dot
    • the circular blue-filling Qi Gauge, showing amount of Qi cultivated in the current Circle and needed for leveling to the next Circle
    • five icons for non-implemented functions
    • toggle button for Cultivation/Stop Cultivating
  • the right side is about the Martial Arts Skills:
    • Martial Arts Skill Bar (8 slots for active combos)
    • Confirm button
    • Reset button
    • Martial Arts Skill selection area (24 slots - 1 combo for each Sect fighting style)