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Killing happens all the time in the Jianghu, so why don't you try to be a musician? Playing zither and flute cultivates sentiments. Those skilled enough can turn zither into an attack, which is extremely beneficial, particularly in a raid fight.

Musician is a cultural type Life Skill profession that allows the players to play songs ...

Playing Music[edit | edit source]

Once you choose Musician as your Culture Life Skill you gain the ability to 'play music' under your Life Skill Menu.

Musician Menu

Starting playing opens a new screen with a timed mini game that is similar to Guitar Hero. Two groups of keys will be randomly generated: one group will be chosen from the letter combinations I+J, O+K and P+L and the other from A+Z, S+X and D+C (as you can see, they are keys that are vertical to each other on each side of your keyboard).

When the blue musical notes pass through these letter combinations, you must press the correct key on the keyboard and the notes will disappear; failing to do this will be counted as a mistake.

The 5 green lights at the bottom of the playing interface indicate how many times players are allowed to miss targets; when all lights are off, players will fail the mini game. These lights will turn off under 2 circumstances:

  1. missing 1 note (1 light goes off)
  2. blank shots accumulated up to a certain number, depending on the difficulty level of the tune; blank shot = pressing a wrong key or pressing a key when there are no notes. (1 light goes off)

To the right of the playing interface there is a time bar which shows the progress of the current song. The bar will fill blue as time goes on; when it is full and provided you didn't use up your miscounts, you will be successful in playing the tune.

Music Playing - Practice Mode

There are two ways of playing music:

  • Practice Mode (large Qin): activated by clicking 'Play music' next to the tune in your music book. Once you complete playing the score you gain experience and rank points as a Musician.
  • Battle Mode (small Qin): activated by playing a tune from the shortcut bar. This adds Buffs to teammates or Debuffs to enemies but does not increase musical experience. To add a song to your shortcut bar, drag the song icon from the music book to an empty slot on the bar.

Identities[edit | edit source]

See Musician Identities for a full list, including requirements and rewards.

Note: Reaching a certain identity will activate additional effects for songs:

  • stronger effect
  • automatically playing the song

Which identity if any will trigger these effects is dependant on the song, and is stated in the tooltip for the song (hover the mouse cursor over the song icon).

At this time, many (all?) of the music scores which state that music can be played automatically in battle, while player may still use combat skills, do not actually allow this; instead, the mini game must still be played to give the buff or debuff effect.

Skill Books[edit | edit source]

Daily Task iconDaily Tasks[edit | edit source]

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume I (150 Life Skill Experience)

  • Sound Correcting Zither Musician

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume II (180 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume III (240 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume IV (300 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume V (390 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume VI (480 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume VII (600 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Zither Player's Manual Volume VIII (750 Life Skill Experience)

  • title here
    • Play ... once


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