Offline System

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Offline System

One of the unique features in the game is when a player leaves the game, their character doesn't simply just log off. Characters logged off acquire certain jobs in the town where they were last logged off.


Being offline isn’t just having your character do “stuff.” You will be compensated a salary for the job your role performs while you are away. When you log back in, the money that you have earned from the tasks and the amount of time you performed that duty will be available for collection. Some players will also have the option to open stalls and sell goods they manufactured while they were online. There is even an opportunity to cultivate offline and train skills while you are away. Some of the interactions that you make offline can lead to the valuable Random Encounters when you log back in.

The rewards are many for an offline role to collect, but so are the risks. Offline characters are susceptible to kidnappings by vengeful or otherwise evil online players seeking to make a little profit by selling you into an employment you cannot take benefit from. The money that you would have made offline is no longer yours as you are a “forced” employee for certain stores and outfits. The stalls and cultivation you may have started end as well and you do not reap any of those benefits.


While offline at your school, you can benefit in patrolling the school as an Intelligence Disciple. During Spying events, other players now have to compete tasks against your character, with the strength and levels that you have cultivated. This can prove a lot more difficult than trying to spy around normal NPCs. Successfully chasing off spies while offline yield their own rewards and bonuses when you log back in.

Offline in Age of Wulin offers a richer gameplay than other games that let you sign out and forget about your character. You can see the results of the role you have cultivated when you log back in with the rewards and money that they have earned.