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A Poison Maker is proficient in pharmacology and identifying poisonous herbs, as well as turning them into different kinds of poisons that can be smeared on weapons to cause damage during battle. It's useful for the Jianghu people interested in getting revenge.

Poison Master is a manufacturing type Life Skill profession that allows the players to create:

Players should choose this profession if they have tailor and craftsmen friends, or if they want to pvp.

Learning Poison Making[edit | edit source]

Players can learn this profession by purchasing it from a Poison Master Life Skill Master NPC. The price will depend on what other life skills have previously been learnt.

Poison Master Life Skill Masters can be found in any town or city. To make them appear on the map, players can open their map (M), click "Life Master" at the bottom and click Map Icon Poison Master NPC.pngPoison Master.

Complementary Professions[edit | edit source]

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other. Poison Masters are advised to pick up the following gathering professions:

  • Hunter: Furs and skins are used a lot in poison making.
  • Fisherman: Some recipes require fish scales and gills.

Poison Masters also require some ingredients from other manufacturing professions. Having or making friends with the following professions would help:

Lastly, Poison Masters are also useful to some other professions:

  • Tailors need Poison Masters for their ability to make upgrades for the clothes they make

Gathering Poisonous Herbs[edit | edit source]

Picking[edit | edit source]

Poison Master Pick Herb Skill Icon.png

To make poisons, Poison Masters have to gather herbs. Other professions sometimes need poisonous herbs to make items, and Poison Master being the only profession able to collect them makes these herbs a good source of early Silverlogo.png unbound silver if sold on the market.

Once the profession has been learnt, players can see icons indicating the location of poisonous herb nodes on their map. To toggle these icons, one can go to the map (M), select Collections at the bottom, and click Map Icon Poisonous Herb.pngPoisons.

No tool is needed to gather these herbs, one need only right click them. A node can be picked 3 times before it disappears, and respawns a few minutes later. Different herbs cost different amounts of Physical Strength to pick, and some require higher life skill levels (identities) to have a good chance of obtaining them.

Searching for Herbs[edit | edit source]

Only one type of herb grows on any one map. Chengdu, for example, only has Gaultheria. Instead of traveling around and memorizing where every plant grows, players can simply use the searching function in the Life interface (default: I):

Poison Master Search Herb Skill Icon.png

Right-clicking on the "Searching" icon after selecting the poison master ladle on the Life screen (I) will show a list of the different areas to the left, and what grows there to the right. Players can use the search box at the top left of this screen to check what herbs can be found on which map, or use the drop down menu right above that to browse by area.

Grinding Poisons and Medicines[edit | edit source]

To prepare their toxins, Poison Masters need a few things.

Tools of the Trade[edit | edit source]

First of all, a crusher to grind herbs into powders. When a player learns this profession for the first time, the Life Master will give them one. Other, better quality crushers can be bought from any Poison Master Life Masters.

Poison & Medicinal Formulations[edit | edit source]

Next, players will need to know formulations (or recipes), there is no experimentation in this game. Poison Master formulations, like any other profession's recipes, drop during Factions and Forbidden Areas, can be found in world Chests, given away by Guild mates, exchanged for Icon Gold Token.png Gold Tokens in the Point Exchange, or bought from other players in the Trade Hall (default: V, under All goods > Manual > Synthesized Manual) with Silverlogo.png unbound silver.

Once obtained, players can find these formulations in the "Item" section of their backpack (B) and right-click to learn them.

Making Poisons & Medicines[edit | edit source]

Poison Master Grind Skill Icon.png

Once all the ingredients have been gathered, the recipe learnt and a crusher is in hand, players may start manufacturing poisons or medicines.

Double clicking the Poison Master ladle icon or right-clicking on the "Grind Poison" icon at the bottom of the Life screen (I) leads to a new screen that displays the recipes on the left, and what is required to make them on the right.

Players may search for a recipe using the search box to the upper left, and sort by type with the drop-down menu above that.

When the recipe is selected, players may click on "Grind Poison" to receive a random amount of the poison or medicine it creates (usually somewhere around 1 and 10).

Some recipes, like the Moth Poison Serum recipe are straightforward, resulting in Moth Poison Serum every time. But other recipes are more tricky and won't always result in the same thing - their result depends on the level of the Poison Master:

Poisoning Weapons[edit | edit source]

Once the poison is made, it can be applied to a weapon by right-clicking the poison, and then clicking the weapon. The poison's effect is then displayed in the weapon's tooltip.

Note that only one poison can be added to a weapon at a time, if another poison is applied before the effect of the previous poison has worn out, the new poison will take the old one's place.

Upgrading Armor[edit | edit source]

Another important role Poison Masters play is in making armor upgrades.

Blending[edit | edit source]

Blend Item Skill Icon.png

Poison Masters are highly valued for their ability to make armor upgrades. By going to the Life screen (I) and right-clicking on the "Blending" icon, they can create various Stones that can add character attribute bonuses to clothing.

Blending these stones cost some Silvercoinslogo.png bound silver, and making them requires a lot of materials. In the lower left corner of the "Blending" screen, players can input how many stones they want to receive. If they have enough funds and materials, the manufacture can be started by clicking "Blending" on the lower right side of this screen.

Soaking[edit | edit source]

Poison Master Soaking Skill Icon.png

Info coming here.

Leveling the Poison Master Profession[edit | edit source]

There are several ways to gain Life Skill experience for the Poison Master profession:

  • Doing the Poison Master daily tasks (available to take every day from the apprentice near the Poison Master Life Skill Master) and reading the Poison Record awarded at the completion of the task.
  • Making Poisons and Medicines (every time the player crafts an item, they will gain small amounts of experience)
  • Reading Experience Notes made by Painters and Scholars.

Note that gathering poisonous herbs does not grant life skill experience.

But the fastest and most productive way by far to gain experience is by challenging the Poison Master Life Skill Master to a gem game duel. (Challenging other player by right-clicking their portrait also rewards Life Skill Experience - TBC)

Identities[edit | edit source]

Every time the player levels up the Poison Master profession, they will receive titles and other rewards.

Full list, including requirements and rewards, here.

Daily Tasks[edit | edit source]

  • Poison Identifying Child

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume I (150 Life Skill Experience)

  • Poison Making Child

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume II (180 Life Skill Experience)

  • Five Poisons Child
    • Collect xx

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume III (240 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume IV (300 Life Skill Experience)

  • Life Taking Poison Hand

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume V (390 Life Skill Experience)

  • Wulin Poison King

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume VI (480 Life Skill Experience)

  • Killing Poison God
    • Collect xx

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume VII (x Life Skill Experience)

  • Poison Hand Hell King
    • Collect xx

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume VIII (x Life Skill Experience)

  • Life Taking Poison God
    • Collect xx

Reward: Poison Master's Records Volume IX (x Life Skill Experience)

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