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HOW DO I ATTACK OTHERS?[edit | edit source]

Clicking on the green banner to the left of your character portrait opens up an interface which allows you to switch between two Attack Modes: click on “Jianghu” to enable PK (player killing).
Be careful though, killing too many people will increase your Kill value and make the guards angry.
You can only PK if your “Sitting and Forgetting Skill” reaches Level 11, or if your first school internal skill has reached Level 5.
We call this newbie protection - you’re welcome!


KILL VALUE[edit | edit source]

Attacking other players increases your Kill value. Players with an increased Kill value are recognizable by their orange, red or purple name.
If you are caught by guards, or by players who chose to become a Constable, you will be send to jail, where you spend some time until your Kill value reaches 0.

PvP-FEATURES[edit | edit source]

Kidnap an offline player and sell to NPCs to earn game money.

  • Spy:

Spy other sects.

  • Steal Books:

Steal manuals from other Sects and give them to the masters of your own Sect to receive abundant experience rewards.

  • Arson:

Set fire to other guilds to annoy them and decrease their offense and defence capabilities in guild wars.

  • Escort:

Escort important NPCs or cargo to earn game money; enemy guilds can steal and rob from escorts.

  • Massive Player vs Player:

Up to 1.300 Players in one massive PvP battle!

  • Battle for Masters:

Within a Sect, you can battle to become the master of a Sect.

  • Sect Battle:

Battle between two different Sects.