Sect's Meeting

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Schoolmeetingicons.JPG Event Requirements
1. Join a sect and move up from the novice protection.
2. Obtain at least the third identity in the sect.
3. Open time: 21h30-24h00 every Sunday.

Event Guideline
1. Players having no high-level sect identity need to find the school meeting administrator NPC in their sect to apply to join the qualification trials using one enrolling certification.
2. Players having high-level sect identity need not enrol. The system will send and invitation message to them at the time of school meeting.
3. The school meeting contains trials for Deacon, Elder, Leader qualification.

How to win
1. The top three players in the qualification trials will go to the "Deacon trials".
2. The top three players in the Deacon trials become new Deacons and go to next stage.
3. The top three player in the Deacon trials become new Elders and go to next stage.
4. The champion in the Leader qualification trials can get the chance to challenge the Leader and go to next stage.
5. The Leader trial is a voting competition. All disciples in the sect can vote for the two competitors and choose a new Leader. The voting ends at midnight on the polling day.

Event Reward
1. High-level sect identity.
2. Title of sect identity.
3. Sect costume for high-level identity.