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Sectspying.JPG Spying is an important sect and PvP event in Age of Wulin, where players can steal information from other, rival sects while avoiding patrols.

Event Requirements[edit | edit source]

Permanent Event

  1. Players leaving the novice protection stage can enter the Jianghu mode (pvp mode).
  2. Select from the target sect scenes.
  3. You can't spy on your sect and only one Jianghu fight is allowed.

Event Guideline[edit | edit source]

1. After joining spy events, players are transported to a random location. The player gets three spy skills to help steal intelligence from offline intelligence disciples or avoid scouts from offline disciple patrols.
2. Spy disciples secrets by communicating with someone previously planted in the target sect. Or the use spy skills against offline intelligence disciples. If spy skills use ends in failure, players will show increasing vulnerability scores or be paralysed.
3. When a spy's vulnerability exceeds 80, their identity is revealed and patrol players can attack.
4. When intelligence is successfully obtained, the player can collect rewards from the sect intelligence chief.
5. The player can collect a weekly spy task from the sect leader. Large weekly are available when completed.

How to fail
You fail if your spy identity is revealed and you are killed by patrols. Note there is now an alert function to Patrolling player characters when you become exposed. You may suddenly find a player patroler teleport to you upon your spy identity being revealed!.

How to win
Successfully take from 1 to 10 intelligence pieces back to your sect spymaster. Note it is not required to always take the full 10 pieces back to get credit for a mission. Rewards partly scale with amounts of intelligence delivered. But sect contribution remains the same for 1 Int or 10 Int delivered

Preparations[edit | edit source]

There are no real preparations to make before going on a spying mission.

One thing to bear in mind though is that the Sect Leader hands out a weekly quest every Monday, which requires spying on specific sects and rewards a lot of Sect Honour Certificates (70 in all). The quest also gives the player Tokens that allow teleporting to any sect simply by talking to the Sect Leader. If this quest is not completed by Sunday, players will not be able to receive the new weekly quest that Monday.

Starting the Sect Spying Event[edit | edit source]

The first thing players must do to spy on another sect is go to the target (by any means, whether it be with the Leader's Token from the weekly quest, by stagecoach, riding a horse, using a foothold, etc.)

Once there, there are two ways to start the spying event:

  • Players may speak to the local Map Icon Jianghu Spy.png Jianghu Spy (usually located at the nearest foothold outside the sect grounds)
  • Press N to get to the Jianghu Interface Icon.png Jianghu screen, select Sect Spying and click "join". With this method, players can join the event from anywhere on the sect map, without needing to walk all the way to the Spy.

After starting the event, players will be teleported to a random location near the Sect's grounds.

Getting Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Players can get intelligence from a few sources:

  • Intelligence Disciples: Offline players wandering around that carry intelligence
  • Planted Agents: NPCs pretending to be from the sect that will leak information when talked to. There are usually about three of these in each sect. SInce the last update many have been given more mobility than before and will have to be searched for.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Range CD* Target Description Vul**
Spy Skill Thieving Hand.png Thieving Hand 6.0 Metres 60.0 Sec Intelligence Disciple When spying, if it is used on an Intelligence Disciple it can take 1 piece of intelligence from him. It has a high failure rate. 20
Spy Skill Ambush.png Ambush 6.0 Metres 180.0 Sec Intelligence Disciple
Patrolling Disciple
When spying, if it is used on an Intelligence Disciple if can take 3 pieces of intelligence from him.
When used on a Patrol Disciple it can take one sect token. It has a high failure rate.
Spy Skill Stealing Sky Replacing Sun.png Stealing the Sky, Replacing the Sun 6.0 Metres 120.0 Sec Intelligence Disciple Using Stealing the Sky, Faking the Sun technique on Intelligence Disciples while spying is likely to get you 3 pieces of intelligence, as well as a Small Training Scroll of Level 1 Internal Skills from the opposing Sect. (in order to use this technique, you must expend a Shifting Mirage Pill, a Shifting Mirage pill can be inexpensively bought with government silver from any Elite Patrol Disciple. 50

*Cooldown **Vulnerability increase when failed

Event Rewards[edit | edit source]

  • 1 Icon Gold Token.png Leisure Point (Gold token)
  • 15 Sect Contribution Points
  • 2 Sect Honour Certificates (fixed, irrelevant to the amount of intelligence)
  • Experience (determined according to the amount of intelligence)
  • Experience Medicine (determined according to the amount of intelligence)
  • Silvercoinslogo.pngSilver Coins (determined according to the amount of intelligence)

Planted Agent Locations[edit | edit source]

There are three Planted Agents in each of the schools. Each agent holds a piece of information that spying players can get by talking to them. Since the last patch some of the previously static Agents seem to have been give a patrol path, please document if you discover their full new rout.

Beggars' Sect[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Beggar's Sect
  1. He Enjian wanders from the Beggar's Sect Sacred Place near Ants Hill to the back of a building near the Guild Administrator (370,352 to 496,246)
  2. Yao Badao patrols in a half-circle around Dilong House, from the stables to near the armour merchant (713,242 to 701,323)
  3. Ming Shen stands at the end of a row of NPCs in front of the gates to Moon Spring to the north. (626,103)

Blissful Valley[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Blissful Valley
  1. Guliang Ying wanders up the southern roofed staircase leading to the palace, and around the Rakshasa Evil Spirit Sect. (212,16 to 158,64)
  2. Yang Huan wanders along the road from the Herbal Hall to Hangliang Palace (270,-240 to 183,-330)
  3. Fa Zhiyuan stands outside the Green Land Palace, near the road. (60,-91)

Emei[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Emei
  1. Yue Zhengmeng wanders on the bridge west of the entrance to the school grounds (600,221 to 558,250)
  2. Tang Xian patrols in a straight line at the base of the grand staircase leading to the back of the school (539,32 to 452,32)
  3. Shan Yan stands behind the Woyun Temple's eastern building. (548,-4)

Royal Guards[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Royal Guards
  1. Shen Na can be found wandering in the south of the Side Palace, to the east (216,-164 to 153,-133)
  2. Zhu Yueze patrols up and around the tower at the far north-east, in the nook between the Weapon House and the Library (347,-308 to 299,-314)
  3. Yan Jing stands at the back of the Imperial Physician Hall, in the western corner (494,-210)

Scholar's Academy[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Scholar's Academy
  1. Wu Jie wanders at the base of the Jade Brush Peak to the north of the school. (465,374 to 550,270)
  2. Yang Botao patrols just outside, the south of the Jidong Pavillion (648,606 to 626,602)
  3. Min Yu can be found across the western river, to the south near a mountain. (702,692)

Shaolin[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Shaolin
  1. Bo Junhao partols on the eastern road outside the Mahavira Hall. (792,363 to 822,330)
  2. Ouyang Ran stands ouside the entrance to the Da Mo Hall to the west after climbing the huge staircase leading to the back of the school (968,238)
  3. Guan BoKun paces on the eastern bridge from the Guild Administrator to the center of the Shaolin Temple Dining Room. (732,310 to 640,245)

Tang Clan[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Tang Clan
  1. Chang Xue patrols the first southern bridge from the entrance of the school (1003,-64 to 993,-1)
  2. Bai Zheng wanders around the southernmost wing of the Tang Clan, up towards the Waterfall Summit. (1093,5 to 1340,15)
  3. Teng Suyan stands in the northeastern corner of the back building after a winding road. (1246,-270)

Wudang[edit | edit source]

Planted agents at Wudang
  1. Han Su patrols in and around the drug room, in the southeast corner of the school courtyard. (393,499 to 397,464)
  2. She Ning walks in a straight line, before the staircase leading to Wudang's second courtyard (398,411 to 561,408)
  3. Luo Su can be found standing outside Wudang's kitchen at the back of the school. (401,183)