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Story[edit | edit source]

The Tang Clan is a family sect, renowned in the Wulin for its use of hidden weapons and poisons. It has been in the Jianghu for several hundred years, but is still shrouded in mystery. Disciples of the clan are skilled in strategy and the development of all kinds of hidden weapons and poisons.
They rarely move around in the Jianghu preferring to stay in the family castle located in Chongqing, Sichuan. The castle is heavily fortified; it is covered with hidden weapons and secret devices making entry extremely hazardous. The head of Tang is elected from the lineal disciples and he keeps the four family treasures: The scroll, robe, marble, and staff.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Tang prefer to use the dagger and the flying dart as they are easily concealed, suiting their underhand methods.

TangWeapons1.jpg TangWeapons2.jpg

Sect Position[edit | edit source]

The members of Tang don’t like to show themselves in the martial-art world; they are extremely secretive and mysterious.
The Tang Clan is a Neutral sect.

Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

Combat Routines[edit | edit source]

TangClanskillset1.jpg TangClanskillset2.jpg TangClanskillset3.jpg

Informative Guide for Tangmen exists at http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/263/20120814/Tang_Men_Guides_Compilation-502aa9f86418ae913-1.html

  • Golden Snake Stab Skill: This dagger style focuses on single target damage, using ranged stuns and speed boosts to keep out of danger, while closing in for the kill with a powerful Rage.
  • Enchanting Dart Technique: This Hidden Weapon style is the Tangman's most infamous style, using entirely ranged attacks to break blocks and kill targets. Tangmen are fully capable of moving while attacking, making them extremely difficult to chase down and kill in this style.
  • Light Chasing Shadows Stab Skill: This Dagger style is mainly PvE. It uses poison clouds to damage enemies while increasing teammates' dodging and damage, while having decent damage output and an AoE finisher.

Internal55 Skills[edit | edit source]

First Internal: Seven Limitations Manual[edit | edit source]

Level 6-15: Recover 5% max MP for every 8 skills you cast.

Level 16-25: Recover 5% max MP for every 7 skills you cast.

Level 26-35: Recover 5% max MP for every 6 skills you cast.

Level 36: Recover 5% max MP for every 5 skills you cast. Every successful hit knocks back your target slightly.

  • An ok dart set, but outclassed in every way by the other two tang internals

Stats at 36 Inner

Brawn Balance Breath Spirit Stamina Max HP Max Force
36 78 14 10 37 1930 580

Second Internal: Six Directions Canon[edit | edit source]

Level 6-15: 20% increased critical damage.

Level 16-25: 35% increased critical damage.

Level 26-35: 50% increased critical damage.

Level 36: 60% increased critical damage. Apply 'mangle' debuff to target whenever you deal critical damage, anyone who attack the target with 'mangle' will deal additional damage. Debuff can stack up to 10 times, 'mangle' debuff last for 8 seconds. Additional damage equals to 20% of attacker's Dexterity per stack.

  • Assuming your DEX is 100, you will deal 20 additional damage PER HIT when 'mangle' stack once. Stacking 10 times will deal 200 additional damage PER HIT, which is why Swallow the Whale can easily do over 3,000 damage.
  • You want to mostly use Golden Snake Sting with this internal

Stats at 36 Inner

Brawn Balance Breath Spirit Stamina Max HP Max Force
101 54 22 26 55 2840 855

Third Internal: Five Poison Script[edit | edit source]

Level 6-15: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 18 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 144 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable flying skills for 5 seconds.

Level 16-25: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 25 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 200 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable flying skills for 5 seconds.

Level 26-35: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 31 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 248 Yin damage. 50% chance to disable flying skills for 5 seconds.

Level 36: 30% chance to accumulate 1 poison essence per hit. Inject poison to your target dealing 39 Yin damage per second after stacking 3 poison essences. Poison ignites after 8 seconds, dealing additional 312 Yin damage. Disable your target from moving for 5 seconds.

  • 10% chance to be immune from poison effects at all levels.
  • Higher Dexterity will further increase poison's damage.

Stats at 36 Inner

Brawn Balance Breath Spirit Stamina Max HP Max Force
96 96 32 32 64 4230 930

Meridians[edit | edit source]

The following are Meridians which Tangmen should focus on.

Greater Yin Spleen Foot Meridian (Tangmen)

  • Native Tang meridian, plus it gives increased critical damage

Lesser Yin Kidney Foot Meridian (Wudang)

  • Increases Critical Rate

Lesser Yang Gallbladder Foot Meridian (Royal Guards)

  • Increases Critical & Hit Rate

Yang Brightness Stomach Foot Meridian (Shaolin)

  • Gives a ton of HP

Greater Yin Lung Hand Meridian (Emei)

  • Gives dodge if you don't want the HP from Shaolin

Sect Rules[edit | edit source]

Each sect has its own rules and regulations, which lead to “Rule Points”, which, when they reach a certain level, incur sect penalties.

Being dressed incorrectly 10 points
Killing Excessively (Evil point > 2000) 20 points
Harming the same sect 40 points

When a player’s “Rule Points” exceed 100, and they enter a sect’s scene, they will be teleported directly to the sect; an animated punishment will be broadcast, the player’s HP will be halved and a strength weakening BUFF will be attached to them for a stipulated time period.

Rank[edit | edit source]

You gain school reputation through your assignments and your training.
You will be able to challenge NPCs from your school which hold a higher rank. If you win the fight you will gain their title and obtain the outfit which is paired with your new rank.

Weapon Skill Sets =[edit | edit source]

Hell King's Invitation[edit | edit source]

The fourth skill set translated from Chinese with Google Translator, extra suggestions from Tarezax to make it less retarded. Possibility of translation errors and flat out missing information still high but this should at least give some idea what the set is like. Translation should be more accurate now.

Name Type CD Range Hits Comments
Hell King's Invitation Dagger - Mixed - Yin - http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDU1NDc3Njg0.html
Cow Head Throwing Fork Attack 2 25 Target Dart throw that does 66-68 damage. Skill can be charged/held to do extra damage.
Mengpo pours soup Feint 10 25 Target Ranged Block Breaker, if it breaks the enemy's block they will be Confused (similar to Fainting) for 3s. If they take damage while Confused, they may wake up.
Wronged Soul Tangling the Feet Buff 30 10 AOE Throw a ten meter wide trap of flaming oil. The first enemy to enter the trap will be Immobilized for 2s and dealt extra damage. Enemies within the trap are slowed by -20% and are prevented from using Flying Skills (debuff is not cumulative). Enemies in area are applied one stack of the "Wronged Soul" debuff every second, stacking up to 20. The trap remains on ground 30s after casting and the flaming oil remains 30s after being triggered.
Hell King Throwing Pen Rage 10 15 Frontal AOE Can be used while moving. Throw darts in a 15 meter frontal cone, dealing 15 hits total.
The Judge Turns Unkind Buff 2 5 Target Detonates all the explosive trap dropped by Wild Ghost Spooks Soul.
Horse-Face Devil Stabs the Heart Attack 6 3 Target Charging attack. Hits target three times, leaping back afterwards.
Wuchang Shakes the Chains Attack 6 25 Target Throw three darts, extra damage if the target has "Wronged Soul" debuff stacks.
Evil Gods Control the World Buff 30 10 AOE Throws 10m wide explosive trap. When triggered, deals damage to all enemies in range. Damage is increased by stacks of "Wronged Soul". If the dart attacks in the set pass through the area of effect, they will add the "Burn" debuff to enemies which increase damage received. Trap lasts for 20s, triggered effect lasts 20s.
Wild Ghost Buff 2 5 AOE Drop a dynamite trap that can be manually detonated with Reversal of Judgement, or will explode on its own after 30s. Can place maximum of three traps.

Levelling Guide[edit | edit source]

Leveling Skills to 7[edit | edit source]

Requirement: Have level 20 in Five Poison Script & 50,000 reputation.

Once this requirement is met, you can start obtaining 6 and 7 scripts. Go to (990, -125) and exchange Tangmen certs for quest items. Right click on quest item and complete 2-3 quests listed to get 1 of 4 random skills. You can take all of the quests at once.

Delusion Dart[edit | edit source]

Level 6

  • Quest 1: Kill last boss Twilight Village. Killing alternative last boss Zhaozi does not count.
  • Quest 2: Kill a player with bounty in Tangmen map. (Players with red aura circling them)

Level 7

  • Quest 1: Spy Royal Guard once.
  • Quest 2: Find NPC ????? (730, 10) and defeat him.
  • Quest 3: Kill 4th boss ???? in Twilight Village.
Golden Snake Sting[edit | edit source]

Level 6

  • Quest 1: Complete instance Xian Gang at Yanyu Villa (116, 1358).
  • Quest 2: Complete instance Tiger Mountain Stronghold at Jiming Posthouse (-80, 987).

Level 7

  • Quest 1: Talk to 韦群 (818 -67). Visit 司马舒 (517, 576) then complete 天宝寨 at 唐门 Tang Men (894, 325).
  • Quest 2: Kidnap an offline player.
  • Quest 3: Complete instance 嵩山剑派 at 少林 Shaolin (-91, 476).
Shadow Sting[edit | edit source]

Level 6

  • Quest 1: Find tombstone (1251, -93), then pick up a stone (1174, -84) nearby. Go back to the tombstone, open up *Quest inventory, right click on tombstone item.
  • Quest 2: Go to 千灯镇 Thousand Light Village and look for 仲强 (897, 590). Collect 10x 断肠花 (Poison Master - Pluck Poison Grass) and visit 周仓 (826, 704). Go back to 仲强 and use '续骨生机散' on him.

Level 7

  • Quest 1: Talk to 唐凤 (1097, -164). Go to 千灯镇 Thousand Light Village (443, 663). Right click on 骨灰盒 and bury it near tombstone.
  • Quest 2: Complete instance 金针沈家 at 成都 Cheng Du (207, 759).
  • Quest 3: Rescue a kidnapped player.

Other Skills to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Emei parry buff More Partings than Meetings from the Departing Sting set. Emei's block provides extra rage on block, which is great all around.

Wudang set Taiji Sword. Basically the whole set, in particular you want Circle The Moon Three Times and Rhino Watches The Moon for the in-combat MP regen then give you, as Vertigo Dart sucks down mana extremely quickly (with all skills at 5 and Infatuation on, everything you throw will take upwards of 60 mana, it's absurd). Pegasus Flying in the Sky is also irritating for how hard it makes you to kill when you have full mana. Having the whole set is nice because it means you're not a helpless cripple while trying to regain mana, but the most important skill is easily Circle The Moon Three Times for its ability to restore your mana.

Sacred Places[edit | edit source]

See: Sacred_Ground

As a Yin and Softness school, your main internal gets 10% bonus cultivation in Snow and Cave sacred places, and 20% in Water. Goons generally insist on TPing in the Forest at guild hall - suck it up and go TP in the forest, you can burn 100k cultivation either way and can max out your Fatigue with a 25 round and a 10 round TP.

Third Internal Quests[edit | edit source]

Level 1: Kill some GUY at coordinates in TANGMEN

Level 2: Patrol School (0/1)

Level 3,4: Challenge Chengdu Huanhua Sword Sect sucessfully (0/1)

Level 5,6: Spy on Emei (0/1)

Level 7-9: Run Normal Dart (0/1)

Level 10: Kill a player with a bounty and have constable (0/1)

Level 11: Kill a china dweller at (505, 253) in Tangmen. (0/1)

Level 12,13: Do some spy missions

Level 14,15: Go to these exact locations in Tangmen (1183, -63), (983, -315), (871, -234) Follow the NPC instructions.

Level 16-18: You will need either one of following items (Miner - Lead Ingot ; Apothecary - Collect Herb ; Tailor - Craft ;Miner - Excavate Lead Ore). Next, complete GCC Normal (0/1)

Level 19: Collect three of a random Medicine(Zhibao's=Poise Motivating Potion,???,???)

Level 20-21: Run TV normal and pray for goose

Level 22-23: Spy on Shoalin

Level 24-26: Two quests

If your quest tracker says ""

Go to (630, 350) in tangmen and click on the lady with the red lantern over her head. Give her the andidote kill the four assassins. Use the Poison on the last dude who is on the ground and watch him die. Loot the map off his corpse. Talk to the sect head and go to chengdu.

Go to (764, 933) Click on the pot then go to (915, 850) in chengdu. Use the lamp secret switch to go down the crappy secret door to the basement. Attack the npcs and kite them around till they get out. Loot the box then go back to tangmen to turn in quest.

If your quest tracker says "Collect Evidences"

Go to beggars at location (580, 290) talk to the guy with the red lantern over his head some mooks will spawn aoe them or kill them then kite the lady till the cut scene. Talk to the guy again and go to chengdu.

Go to (764, 933) in chengdu and click on the pot. Go back to tangmen and talk to the school leader. Go to the school entrance at (910 -95) dart kill the person the quest tells you to then run around till the school leader does some stuff. Go back to leader and turn in quest.

Level 27-31: Three quests in order that you will repeat about 20 times each[edit | edit source]

Quest 1

  • Go into the tangmen cave the entrances are at (1288, -152) and (1319, -105). Look for a room with books it is the first right from the bottom entrance. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/193/42727760.jpg/ Pick up the book and run outside you will be chased if you are a bad slow tangmen.
  • Go to the pot in chegdu (764, 933). Go back to the basement at (915, 850). Talk to the NPC then kill the three NPCs that spawn. You will be ported out then talk to the lady with the red lantern over her head and
  • go back to tangmen.

Quest 2

  • Go to (210, 540) in beggars and talk to the guy by the bridge. You will be teleported into a tree stay there and watch a bad kungfu movie. You will be teleported again talk to the headmaster again and
  • go back to you pot buddy
  • then on to tangmen. Go to (730, 30) talk to a person and kill the person you tracker tells you to and run around turn quest in after cut scene.

Quest 3

  • Group: 2-3 people
  • Go to pecock villa and talk to the person at your quest tracker coordinates. Reset the two bosses pull and Kill Tang Yun. Talk to the npc that spawns and port to the pit. When fighting next boss run when he does "" and do something else I can't remember. Loot the "13 seals" run from his spawned double and leave.
  • Sidenote: You need a minimum of two people to finish the mini instance. Either ask a goon or if you have no friends, spam in world chat or sit sadly outside Peacock Villa asking passerbys for 5 minutes of their time. When you first enter the instance, run straight to the bottom and jump on the lamp to drop agro. Then run back up and jump (triple jump is best) and dart Tang Yun until you pull her to the bottom of the crossroad where you can feel free to DPS her down. With three tang stacking mangled, it shouldn't take more than a minute and a half. After that talk to the newly spawned NPC and prepare to fight the second boss. This is the same boss from PCV and he will do an instant death cone move called 'Soul Eater' so whoever has agro needs to face the boss away from other players. To start off, hit the boss and bring him down towards where you spawn. If you die in this fight, you will respawn/recover at the beginning of the PCV mini instance so you will need to talk to the NPC again to teleport to the second boss. This boss will spawn adds which can be ignored or deliberately hit on by whoever is not holding the boss' aggro. Once you have the mob's attention, you can despawn the mob by running and jumping on one of the large rocks surrounding the instance. It's possible to 2 man this instance if the boss does not cast Soul Eater too often but it's best to have three people and just burn him down quickly.
  • Solo: Make sure you have 2m pills and or arena pills also have the drop from pecock villa "13 seals" Kill Tang Yun and your done!

Data Taken and edited from http://forum.mmosite.com/thread/2/263/20120814/Tang_Men_Guides_Compilation_60_Done-502aa9f86418ae913-1.html

Tangclan Sect Outfits[edit | edit source]

As they grow in strength and rank, players will be rewarded with sect outfits which are only available to members of the Tang Clan. (Missing Male outfits)

Tang Female Outfits.jpg

Good Beggars' SectEmeiShaolinWudang

Neutral Scholar's AcademyTang Clan

Evil Blissful ValleyRoyal Guards