The Nationwide wanted list

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Event Requirements[edit | edit source]

Warranticon.JPG Every day, whenever you want you can put a price on your blood enemy! Then players will be able to chase him to get the reward.

1. Issuing an arrest warrant requires at least 10 liang of official silver.
2. The target of your arrest warrant must be your enemy.
3. The amount of captor applications you can accept can not exceed 1 000 captors. The good and evil values need to comply with captor requirements. 5 liang of official silver is required.

Event Guideline[edit | edit source]

1. Issue an arrest warrant against your enemy at the County Magistrate located in each of the five main cities or issue it in the "Enemy Interface" that pops up after you are killed.
2. Target of an arrest warrant can resist by killing captors.
3. Prison time depends on the amount of reward offered by the arrest warrant.

Completion Guideline[edit | edit source]

Captors defeat the arrest warrant target and imprison them.

Event Reward[edit | edit source]

Captors can obtain the silver reward offered by the arrest warrant after completing the arrest.