Twilight Village

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Twilight Village (TV)

Twilight Village.jpg


Difficulty Minimum strength Recommended strength Max players

NormalNoviceAttain some achievements6

HardWork with EaseUnderstand and Combine6

HellOutstandingWonderful Skills6

Shura Mode (17:00 - 23:00)3rd Internal Skill level 36N/A12

Plot Synopsys[edit | edit source]

Eight years ago, the Jianghu swordsman, Zhao Ziji, killed Old Han and his fifty-seven servants in Xi Mountain by using his Seven-Move Matchless Sword Technique. Old Han's son, Han Sijing, overcome with both grief and rage, swore before his father's grave to avenge his murder, even if that meant he would have to risk all his money and his life. He bribed the sheriff of the Xi Mountain Yamen, Qian Xizhi, to issue a warrant for the arrest of Zhao Ziji and also arranged for sects that were also seeking vengeance against Zhao to set lethal traps. Zhao had not been heard of since being seriously injured by six masters some seven years ago - Han Sijing himself among them - near the Tortoise Head Gardens in Taihu Lake... By chance, a servant of the Han's family saw a seemingly ordinary fisherman demonstrating great martial skills

Good to have[edit | edit source]

  • At least the 3-members Trinity Array and its skills learned by all team members; 6-members Vigour Return Array and its skills would be better
  • One Chess Player for each array
  • A Musician might prove useful
  • Speed buff on at least a member (to faster get the Explosive and Torch)
  • Concealed weapons - to lure the mobs when need arises
  • Some HP and MP pills and maybe even some Nine-Refined Nether Pills
  • One Emei or Wudang or another high HP team member to act as tank
  • Free slots in "Item" tab of backpack - for the drops

Preparations[edit | edit source]

  • Before teaming, players which recently ran any Forbidden Area must RESET: Press N -> Click "Wulin Forbidden Area" tab -> Click "About Forbidden Area" button -> Click "Reset" button
  • Have Satiety to its maximum, or at least not having Hunger debuff
  • Double check if party members have specific sub quest requirements! EG Some scholar challenge orders require the scholar in question to loot a stolen order from one of the bosses. Make sure all party members are aware of this so these side quests can be accomplished without the party getting dangerously split up.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Entering[edit | edit source]

To enter this area manually you will need to go to the docks of Suzhou City and speak to "uncle Heng" who will ferry you out to the portal on the lake. Naturally nobody can get in before the team leader opens the instance on the desired difficulty level.

As with all FA's you can also enter it from any location by clicking on the tombstone icon in the bottom right of your screen and selecting Twilight village (difficulty) and hitting enter. Team leader must enter first for this to work for other players as usual.

Starting[edit | edit source]

When all team members have entered the instance, one player must talk to Grandma Liu to start the first area. Subsequent areas have NPC's that need to be spoken to to trigger plot specific events as well. Generally these are at the the threshold to each Boss zone.

First Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Help the defenceless villagers to escape from the chase of Zhou Lifeng from Maowu Dock in Changshu.

Before the first boss, 10 villagers will try to escape, each being chased by 2 mobs; kill the mobs before they kill the villagers. Some teams prefer to lure the mobs behind the fishing nets or the boat, to prevent them from aggro the villagers. The team should setup the array(s) during the 9th or the 10th villager because immediately after all 20 mobs are killed (and thus all 10 villagers saved), the first boss will appear. The designated tank needs to turn on the aggro skill Charge Forward of the corresponding active array, while all the other teammates deal damage on the boss and alternatively constantly break his block with parry break moves (feint attacks); this is needed because with every successful parry, this boss will gain a buff that gives him extra 100% damage.

Second Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Help villagers put out house fires.

Conventional wisdom is to sweep up the mobs here and dispose of them first. Main reason is that they can relight the fires defeating your progress if you don't kill them first. Depending on your strength and level be careful how many you Kite together. Use AoE to good effect and caution your RG's & BV's (and a few others) to limit their blow back type attacks so the AoE specialists can spread the damage properly on the Kited mobs.

This done extinguish the fires at your leisure using the buckets outside the houses. Recommended to leave the last one until all party members have rebufffed and any arrays have been set prior ro last Boss

On HARD mode this Boss will Have Assassins.

Third Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Help survivors take back their treasures from the greedy Qian Xizhi in Xi Mountain Yamen.

Two schools of thought here. First is that you clear all mobs and set the villagers going guarding them as they retrieve their valuables. Second is to set the villagers off then progress to next area where with a bit of careful jumping you can get in and clear the mobs before the mini bosses trigger. (More on that "tactic" in next section.)

Enemies will usually spawn in one of three general directions randomly in 1- 3 at a time. They will usually pick on a villager rather than a player so it is incumbent on players to attack them first to draw aggro. That said a Villager that has NOT YET collected treasure that gets killed will not affect your score for this area. But ones on the way back having collected goods that get killed may degrade your score.

The Next Boss will trigger shortly after each treasure area has had 5+ units recovered from it. On Normal & Hell Mode (But not hard) he will have assassins.

Fourth Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Help the village leader save his daughter from Ye Loukai the Satyr.

Not sure if this is an exploit or a "feature" but this area can be accessed prior to the previous boss being defeated by jumping over the main gate. Some parties prefer doing this as the mini bosses inside do not activate (nor can they be hurt) and the Mobs can be defeated without risk of setting them off.

Regardless of that, once this section is attacked the key here seems to be to avoid activating too many of the dart throwers at once. They have surprising ranged power and range and are much better dealt with in close combat hand to hand. Move around the compound clockwise dealing with one or two mobs at a time. If additional dart throwers are inadvertently use RG hook & chain or Moxin type skills to drag them into AoE range as you deal with the swordsmen.

Once al mobs have been slain after a short rest attack the Mini bosses one at a time making sure you have arrays set before tackling the last one. When they fall the main boss of this section will spawn. He will generally have Assassins on most modes.

Once defeated a swift player needs to return to the Old Man in the previous battle site to assure him his daughter is alive. He will then hobble slowly to his secret stash and allow that player to gain a Key that will access another hidden compartment under the Statue in this scene. Once that is accessed Explosive powders can bee looted that will enable you to access the next scene.

While the swift player does this it is recommended the rest of the party make their way to the gate of the next scene. See below.

Fifth Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Help the fisherman Zhao Ziji save his wife and sons from the hypocritical Han Sijin. Optional Goal: Await the madness of Zhao Ziji and wipe his scourge from the Jianghu!

While a swift player is getting the explosive powders needed to access this area (see above) The remaining five members of the team should make their way to this area. Recommended is to take the high path along the terraced fields to avoid fighting unnecessary mobs.

Before the gate can be blown open guarding mobs and on Hard/Hell 2 mini bosses will have to be cleared. The mini bosses have a synergistic attack so it is highly recommended that you pull one at a time and kill them separately resting as needed between Mobs/Mini Bosses.

Once your sixth man has arrived with the explosives set array(s) and have them torch the bomb to open the area:

Easy option. Charge in and slay the bad guys! The Boss here may occasionally trigger a three man array with his minions so it is usually a good idea to kill off one or two of these minions early to prevent this. You have 5 minutes from entry to defeat the boss or see below:

Extra challenge option: Run in and evade the Boss for 5 minutes (jumping on the stable roof is the usual way) This causes the "Captive" Zhao Zija to go bezerk when his wife and child are executed. Zhao Zija in bezerk mode will slay anybody around him The original enemy NPC's and all players he can get his hands on! He has a nasty AoE attack (Heartless world) and can "Chain" an opponet causing damage and debuffs. Click on chained players ASAP to mitigate this.

Treasure seems to be marginally better with the Bezerk boss but this is unconfirmed - just my opinion.

On Normal/Hard modes Twilight this finishes the run. On Hell mode there is another scene

Hell Mode+ Sixth Area[edit | edit source]

Goal: Defeat the Royal Gaurd commander that has has arrived to restore order with an Iron fist!

Suddenly the area is crawling with Royal Guards indiscriminately "bringing Order" Find their commander who has (rather creepily) set up a command post in the Graveyard of the Village.

After a cut scene the players start off behind Zhao Ziji's home. Unless you like fighting mobs with no significant drops, skirt the edge of the village until you are overlooking the Graveyard. DO NOT run straight into the Open sepulchre anymore. Since last patch the Boss spawns right beneath this direct route and you will prematurely activate them! Instead edge around to the front of the tomb and rebuff/array.

This boss spawns with two bodyguard NPC's that are just short of Mini Boss rank but they will keep you occupied while the Main boss summons assassins. With great care it can be possible to pull these two without setting the main boss off. What seems to work best is a reliable tank pinning the Boss in one corner with two party members suppressing the Assassins. The rest of the party should alternate between Boss dps & "sin" suppression as needed.

Drops[edit | edit source]


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