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The VIP service is a Premium feature of Age of Wulin - an optional monthly subscription that can be purchased (in game) with Gold. A conversion for Wcoins into Gold as well as the pricing will be provided at a later stage.

Benefits[edit | edit source]

Higher Login Queue Priority
reduced amount of time needed to login when the server is busy, by entering the game through the Green Channel

Improved Access to Exclusive Outfits
unlimited access to Cash Shop outfits

Access to Offline Stall and Cultivation
continuing to keep a stall open and/or cultivating skills even while offline

Faster Experience Gain
bonus to the speed of gaining Experience

Improved Experience Conversion into Cultivation
30% bonus to the amount of Experience converted into Cultivation: instead of the standard 70% conversion rate, VIPs enjoy a 100% conversion rate (1 Experience point converts into 1,000 Cultivation points)

Increased Team Cultivation Conversion Rate
25% bonus to the Team Practice...

Faster Qi Conversion
bonus to the speed of Qi

Increased Loot in Gathering Life Skills
extra resources when performing gathering type professions

Semi-Automated Musician Attacks
Musicians only have to start playing a song - the system continues automatically

Access to Divination
ability to perform the Divinator Life Skill to tell other players' fortunes and grant beneficial buffs

Extra Rewards for Sect Raid
guaranteed rewards when completing Sect Raid

Extra Rewards from Random Encounters
bonus rare items as rewards when completing these quests

Access to Special Tasks and Events
VIP- dedicated quests and events

More Stall Slots
increased number of Stall slots: from 20 to 50

Increased Money Limit on Character
Silver Coins from 8 to 10 Ding; Silver from 30 to 1,000 Ding

More Warehouse Slots
double amount of space in warehouse; from 18 to 36 slots

Sources[edit | edit source]

Age of Wulin Team: "Perks being Jianghu VIP", 15 Jul. 2013 in "Age of Wulin News".