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The “Recommended” tab of your quest log (L) will guide you through quests that are recommended for your character. This also includes important storyline quests.
If you ever get lost, just continue to complete recommended quests! We have found that players who rush the tutorial and finish their school quests without much reading, will very quickly be confused about what to do next.
Just check your quest log, you will surely find something to do! If you ever end up having just too many quests, you can easily abandon any quest in the very same interface.

JianghuGIcon.png JIANGHU GUIDE
The Jianghu Guide is located on the top right of your interface, close to the Mini Map.
It will guide you through your first steps in the game and later on provide you with information on how to progress with your character.
The Quest Tracker and Jianghu Guide will ensure that you will never get stuck!


Below you will find a small summary of quest types. We highly recommend that upon handing in a finished quest, you should always make sure to talk to the very same NPC twice.
That way you won’t miss any quests which are only enabled after handing in another quest.


Storyicon.png Storyline or School Quests
These tasks are important for character progression. Make sure you pick up every yellow quest you see.

Dailyicon.png Daily Quests
Blue tasks can be accepted on a daily. Important daily quests are for example profession quests. Do these to improve in your profession, you gain valuable experience on a daily basis.

Professionicon.png Learning Professions (Life Skills Learning Tasks)
NPCs with the above icon offer you a job. As simple as that! If you spot one, you can learn one of the 17 professions from him.

Randomicon.png Random Encounters
Random Quests are triggered by a variety of events. NPCs have an opinion about you and what you do in their surroundings influences whether they like you or not.
Random Encounters can be activated by NPCs liking or disliking you, or by completing a certain chain of quests or Gossips.

You do not get notified with an icon whether a NPC has a Gossip quest for you or not.
You will have to act like a true adventurer and talk to NPCs to find out what they have to say. They may be leading you to secret places with epic treasures. Maybe you will get nothing out of it.


Age of Wulin isn’t the typical MMO that you might think it is. You don’t reach a maximum level by rushing through the quest or storyline.
If you have finished Chapter 1 you are probably way too weak to challenge the next chapter.
Get used to the sandbox style of Age of Wulin, there’s plenty to do, your character has to become stronger and this does NOT happen by grinding quests.

Age of Wulin is a sandbox. The story never ends...
Start exploring the numerous social activities and events. As explained in the [Developing your character] chapter, you received a passive, internal skill from your school.
This isn’t the only one you will ever get - spending time on training your first skill will eventually allow you to receive a 2nd, and later on even a 3rd inner skill. Some schools might feel weak in the beginning but will dominate with later internal skill levels.
Just like in real life, training is important.

Secticon.png Sect Activities - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Sect
In order to receive your 2nd internal skill you will require School Honor Certificates. 70 of these certificates are rewarded for completing the school spying quest. Get your stealth skills on and spy on the other schools - you will need these quest rewards!

Guildicon.png Guild Activities - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Guild
There are many guild activities to choose from - You can rob or protect escorts, participate in raids and burn down buildings from other guilds, or protect your own guild building from being attacked.

Cultivationicon.png Increase Cultivation Rate
Train your skills even more quickly! Find a full guide for this here.

FactionCicon.png Faction Challenges - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Jianghu Factions
We suggest doing challenges against Factions (check the “Factions”-Tab) as they are fun and competitive due to time limits.
You can do 6 of these per day per instance. This number increases to a maximum of 8 times per day per instance, if you abort a challenge before finishing it.

FactionCicon.png Instances - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Wulin Forbidden Area
Instances are a great way of getting rare “Lightness Skills”. Who wouldn’t want to run up walls and on water? Check the Forbidden Area Tab in the Event window (N) and it will guide you to the recommended instance for your skill level. You can complete 7 instances a week.

Pvpicon.png PvP - Challenge Arena - Events (Shortcut key: N) - Jianghu
You can set up your own PvP Arena anywhere in the world and determine the rules. Winning (and losing!) in these Arenas grants you a cultivation rate increase (10% and 5% respectively, can be stacked up to 5 times each). It’s worth it!