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Woodcutter icon

Deep mountains, forests, valleys, cold lakes and outdoors are paradise for a woodcutter. With the sound of the nature, the woodcutter chops down the best wood for creating excellent weapons.

Woodcutter is a gathering type Life Skill that allows the players to:

  • Collect Wood by chopping trees.

Learning Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Players learn this profession by purchasing it from a Woodcutter Life Skill Master who can be found in any town or city. To see Life Skill Masters on the map, player may open their map (M), select "Life Master" at the bottom, and click on "Map Icon Woodcutter NPC.pngWoodcutter".

The price for learning this profession will depend on what other gathering skills are already learned. Upon learning the skill, players:

  • are given 1 Wodcutting Axe (lowest level type)
  • are granted 20 Woodcutter Life Skill Experience points
  • are allowed to challenge the "Vagrant Woodcutter" identity
  • can perform the Woodcutter's Daily Task.

To use this life skill, players must have an axe in their backpack.

Complementary Professions[edit | edit source]

In Age of Wulin, professions complement each other.

The resources gathered through woodcutting are used by some professions:

The Woodcutting Process[edit | edit source]

Tools of the Trade[edit | edit source]

In order to cut trees, players need an axe. A low-level axe is given to the player when they learn the profession, but better, stronger ones can be bought from the Woodcutter Life Skill Master in any town or city.

Every time a player chops a tree, their axe's durability will be reduced by a few points, depending on which type of wood is cut. When the durability drops to zero, the axe will be destroyed and players will need to buy a new one. So it is always a good idea to buy the highest level axe as soon as possible so as possible to avoid having to return to town frequently.

Searching for Trees[edit | edit source]

The first step to woodcutting is figuring out where the choppable trees are. Once this profession is learnt, the map (M) and minimap will display Map Icon Wood.pngtree icons. To toggle this, players may open their map (M), select "Collections" at the bottom, and click "Woodcutting".

Not all areas have the same trees however. Chengdu for example has White Poplar, but Sect areas like Wudang have Cypress.

Woodcutter Tree Searching Skill Icon.png

In order not to have to memorize where each tree type can be found, players can access the searching screen by going to the Life interface (default: I) and double-clicking the Woodcutter's axe, or clicking the "Searching" icon at the bottom of the Life screen.

To the left of this Searching screen a list of areas can be found, and to the right, a panel showing what type of wood can be found in the selected area. Players can search for an area by using the search bar at the top left. And right above the search bar, a drop-down menu can be used to browse by region.

Chopping Trees[edit | edit source]

Wodcutter Woodcutting Axe Skill Icon.png

Once the tree is found, players with an axe in hand need only walk up to it and right-click it to start chopping. A tree can be gathered from 3 times, then it will be uncuttable for a few minutes. Woodcutting costs tool durability and physical strength, but rewards Life Skill Experience and materials.

If the character moves during the woodcutting process, it will be cancelled.

Yield[edit | edit source]

The yield of each tree cut depends on the level of the Woodcutter: A low-level Woodcutter might get worthless Twigs instead of proper wood. Usually, trees give around 1-5 pieces of wood per cut, but this yield can be greatly boosted by temporary strategy books:

Identities[edit | edit source]

Full list, including requirements and rewards, here.

Skill Books[edit | edit source]

Daily Tasks[edit | edit source]

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume I (150 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume II (180 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume III (240 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume IV (300 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume V (390 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume VI (480 Life Skill Experience)

  • Mountain Sharpening Woodcutter

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume VII (600 Life Skill Experience)

Reward: Woodsman's Records Volume VIII (750 Life Skill Experience)

  • Woodcutter God
    • Cut


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